How Can I Prevent My Hardwood Floors from Fading Over Time?

21 Best professional contractors - Residential Forum Faqs - . Also, it can be very fun to move your interior around every so often – it’s a nice change of pace. By constantly moving rugs and furniture around, you spread he sunlight across all areas of the wood, which will slow down the fading process greatly. Outside of windows, you may also utilize furniture and rugs to your advantage ..More

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The Three Phases of Flooring Installation by Ron Call

Popular nationwide certified contractors - Blog With Contractors - . If it looks like it was done by a weekend warrior, I usually ask, “Who did your floors?” It is so obvious to me when a floor is installed by an amateur homeowner, because the devil is in the details. Most people will not tackle a carpet job on their own unless it’s a drop room or two. Seams are not easy to do if you don’t have the experience. A loose, wavy install that has not been power-stretched can be seen from miles away. I assume my dentist looks at people’s teeth when he meets them for the first time. I can’t help myself; it’s what I do. Whether the floor is carpet, wood, laminate or tile, I can in tell in seconds whether the installation was done by a professional or a weekend warrior. Likewise on hard surface installations like wood, laminate, tile and vinyl, properly installed baseboards, moldings and undercut door jambs are the difference between a million-dollar install and the headache of callbacks, repairs and an unhappy customer. As a flooring professional, when I walk into someone’s home for the first time, just as a guest and not even as a professional, the first place my eyes go are straight to the floor. It’s human nature, I guess ..More

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Out Goes Summer, In Comes Fall

List Of professional contractors - Helpful Resources - Repair, Maintenance & installation - . It all went by like a blink of an eye and Summer never seems to last long enough nowadays. Beach trips, camping, barbecues, all that jazz. Now it seems like the years are becoming shorter and shorter but maybe that’s just growing up. Summer is officially over and we’ve had our fun in the sun. Back in grade school, summer vacation seemed to last forever and the days never seemed to end ..More

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7 Tips for a Trouble-Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Top 10 Best professional contractors - Service Contractor Forums - . 2. ) Clear Out the Fridge – Many people forget all kinds of things in the fridge like unopened jars of jelly or vinegar. Get rid of the expired items and condiments you aren’t going to use to make room for your Thanksgiving preparations ..More

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Interesting Hardwood Flooring Statistics – 2016

Top 10 licensed contractors - Repair & Service Guide - . According to a report* published by Hardwood Floors Mag, the Magazine of the National Wood Flooring Association, there are many stats that’d we like to cover specifically ..More

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