“Why Can’t I Just Install Hardwood Floors Myself?”

Locate Nearby industrial contractors - Forums - Faq's - Answers - . This means that if you decide to take the task upon yourself and run into a mistake along the way requiring you to use another board, you’ll be making costly mistakes. Unlike painting a wall, or replacing your kitchen cabinets, the raw materials of hardwood floors are expensive ..More

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7 Tips for a Trouble-Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Find best 10 contractors - Talk To Contractors - Forum - . There are a lot of things you need to do to get it set up properly. To help you out, here are the best tips and tricks you need to have a great dinner:. Preparing the perfect Thanksgiving dinner is not something that can be done in one day ..More

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Chuck Talk: Understanding Wood Floor Cupping 101

Search and locate master contractors - Contractor Forum Pages - This is what cupping is. It doesn’t matter if the hardwood flooring is solid or engineered, this phenomenon may occur to both types. . Let’s begin with defining exactly what “wood floor cupping” is. When the sides of hardwood floors are higher than the center of the boards, then it will produce a concave-like appearance or pattern ..More

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How Can I Prevent My Hardwood Floors from Fading Over Time?

Directory Listing Of technicians - Service Consultant Blogs - And then other people prefer to have their floors stay their original color from the time they were first purchased. In this case of the latter – what can you do to prevent this natural fade from occurring, if possible?. . Some people have absolutely no problems with their hardwood floors fading over time. Sometimes the changes are so subtle only you would notice ..More

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The Three Phases of Flooring Installation by Ron Call

Best Local emergency contractors - DIY Guide Forum Pages - ) Then quickly place the hot-melt glue in the three spots where there is no construction adhesive. No need for blue tape on transitions any more. Quickly place the molding in place and hold in securely for about three minutes while the thermalplastic glue sets up (cools). . Apply the construction adhesive first; making sure your molding is cut properly. The thermalplastic glue will hold the molding in place until the construction adhesive has had time to cure. (Dry fit first. This method will also save a trip back the next day to do a carpet re-tack after the construction adhesive cures ..More

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