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Manufacturered home, six month old floor. Noticed slight buckling after 30 days. New refridgerator installed one month prior to flooring installation. Consumer installed themselves even though their friend is an old Pergo endorsed installer. When I say old I mean like Daris old. He said he ain't never seen nothing like what this laminate is doing. Hmmm, nuff said.
Category: Flooring Post By: Clark John (Tampa, FL), 03/15/2019

I'm not old just well seasoned. Are you leaning toward a moisture flatness issue? Naw I didn't think so. Daris

- SUSAN GARCIA (Santa Monica, CA), 04/10/2019

The laminte was not locked in, and was only butted against the kitchen toe kick on one end. That kinda blew me away as it was tented in the air 1 1/2 inches! Three rows had disengaged from the rest of the floor on the side joints back in the living room area and in the kitchen area. Goes to prove buckling does not mean it is locked in. The damage and high moisture reading followed the vent duct work across the manufactured home for 20 feet. So initially I was thinking maybe condensation wicking up into the OSB, but thats a stretch since it had 2 and 1 underlayment under it. Plus one spot looked like topical water damage. So, I just followed my meter to the source where it pegged near the dishwasher and worse to the fridge. Right before I left I asked if they had looked behind the fridge. The two old guys pulled it out and Ta Da! Looks like a job for the water/mold restoration company...again. I hope they can install it better than the other restoration guys who don't under cut door casings. Caught three of them doing that in the last month.

- DERRICK PENA (New Rochelle, NY), 04/23/2019

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