Forum Title: Where to begin laying laminate flooring?
We're putting a 12mm laminate with click installation into our downstairs. We aren't sure where to actually begin laying the flooring. Here's what our layout looks like:Here's another link to the image (not sure why it's not embedding) We're concerned with where boards will line up on the long edge at the yellow line. Our plan is: * Start at #1 and run the full length of that hall * Work left towards wall #2 * Work right down hall #3 * Work left towards wall #4 and work right towards wall #5 So what happens when the boards meet at the yellow line? It's probably not going to be a perfect fit, so what do we do? I don't think the click lock system will work if we have reduce the width of a board. We could start at wall #2, and work towards the right, but then there's still a good change the boards won't line up in the middle of room between walls #4 and #5. Ideas?
Category: Flooring Post By: WADE FRANCIS (Cary, NC), 03/02/2019

Wrapping around stuff is not an issue with click lock floors. I'd start on #5 and going from left to right until you hit the other side of the fireplace, then lock backwards up to #1 area. But make sure you start off straight, snap lines across the room and down into #1 area to make sure your going to look nice and straight and also not going to have a sliver of a piece along that wall.

- BERNARD OLIVER (Maple Grove, MN), 04/20/2019

I myself would start at #1, to ensure you have a straight line with as few cuts as possible. I would then work towards # 2, then move on to # 4 and # 5. Then again, I'm not an expert like some of the folks in here, but layed many homes worth or various wood, tile, pergo, etc. You also want the leading edge adjacent to the front door to look the straightest, as it will be seen everyday. JMHO!

- MITCHELL VAZQUEZ (Tacoma, WA), 04/01/2019

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